Formac Now Shipping Updated Video Driver

Formac has released an update for Tevion, bringing it to version 1.2 Tevion is the hardware driver designed to work with the media converter studio dv/tv, also from Formac. The update features performance enhancements including improved audio/video quality and improved channel ID support. According to Formac:

Formac has today released a new version of itis Tevion software for itis award-winning media converter studio dv/tv. Tevion 1.2 offers the following new features:

  • Improved video and audio quality plus synchronization
  • New preferences
  • Individual settings for brightness, contrast, saturation and color to adjust video quality
  • Improved channel identification for TV-Tuner (cable as well as antenna)
  • Link to Formacis DVD authoring software, devideon
  • If movies are captured in tevion 1.2 the user will automatically be prompted if he wants to burn these videos on DVD. Formac devideon superdrive and authoring software are required for this feature

You can find more information about the Tevion update at the Formac Web site. Tevion 1.2 is available as freeware.