Former Apple Employee Indicted For Defrauding Apple

Marci OiKelly isnit having a good day. Ms. OiKelly is a former Apple employee who has been indicted for defrauding her former employer. According to the San Jose Business Journal, Ms. OiKelly spent some of her tenure at Apple ordering equipment on Appleis dime, and then reselling it on eBay and pocketing the profits. From the San Jose Business Journal:

According to grand jury, when Ms. OiKelly was a graphics design budget coordinator for Apple in 2002 and 2003, During that time, she ordered approximately $120,000 of digital photography equipment from vendors on Appleis account without authorization, then resold the equipment for her personal benefit on eBay, the Internet auction site.

You can read the full story at the San Jose Business Journalis Web site.