Former Apple Marketing Exec Reveals Secrets of Success

A former Apple Marketing executive, Steve Chazin, has launched a new Website, MarketingApple, for those who want to learn about how Apple has so successfully marketed its products.

"Mr. Chazin has first-hand knowledge of how Apple leveraged both the power of better design and better marketing to move from the backwaters of the PC market to the worldwide leader in consumer electronics, music, video and mobile devices and is now sharing his insights and behind-the-scenes knowledge of Apple on this new site," the release from Market Wire said.

In addition, Mr. Chazin has authored a free eBook entitled "Marketing Apple: 5 Secrets of the Worldis Best Marketing Machine." The book is available on his Website and will be free for only a limited period.

"I wrote iMarketing Applei after watching how Appleis great marketing continues to generate so much buzz, readily evident before this weekis announcement of the iPod touch. I thought I could add some real value to those conversations with my first-hand knowledge of Apple while at the same time teaching other marketers how to leverage this Marketing Apple-style approach," said Mr. Chazin who is now VP of Marketing for

He went on to say, "I think itis fair to say that Apple is the worldis best marketing machine and I thought others would enjoy learning a thing or two about how Apple leverages great design and great marketing to surprise and delight us all."

Mr. Chazin is available for press interviews and speaking engagements. He can be reached at: 603.930.2490, [email protected]