Forsake The Finder: Path Finder & Spring Offered Together

The makers of Path Finder and Spring have announced a new bundle of the two products they are calling the Forsake the Finder Bundle. Path Finder is a file management solution for Mac OS X made by CocoaTech; in earlier iterations, the product was called Snax. Spring, made by UserCreations, is a highly object-oriented desktop application that allows a very different way of working with computer information (see the companyis Web site for more information). The bundle is being called the Forsake the Finder Bundle because the two apps together would allow you not run the Mac OS X Finder application at all. From the two companies:

CocoaTech and UserCreations are proud to announce the immediate availability of a product bundle consisting of PathFinder 2.1 and Spring 1.3. Priced at $42, the Breakaway Bundle represents a savings of 25% over the current combined price of the two products.

"In contrast to the Finder with its major upgrades inextricably tied to costly, monolithic OS updates, Path Finder and Spring are tied only to world-class Mac software designers who deliver major new features at a breakneck pace and intimately collaborate with their users and other Mac developers." said Robb Beal, President of UserCreations.

You can find more information on Path Finder at CocoaTechis Web site. You can out more about Spring at the UserCreations Web site.