Fortune Recommends iMac G5, Disses Windows Security

Fortune magazineis Peter Lewis is the latest to talk up Appleis new iMac G5. In a review titled "Apple All-In-One Is One For Almost All," Mr. Lewis offers the now-familiar praise for the iMac G5is design, looks, display, speed, etc. He also criticizes the 64 MB video card Apple included in the unit as "paltry," but says that suck concerns are "minor."

The review offers another good pitch for the Mac platform, however, when Mr. Lewis explains why it is that he has moved most of his work to the Mac. Those comments make for an excellent pitch to possible Switchers tired of the Windows world. From Fortune:

But letis pretend I already have a portable computer and Iim looking for a desktop machine for use at home as an alternative to lugging the portable to and fro. (And letis pretend I can afford to buy both a laptop and a desktop.) In that case, the iMac is certainly worth considering, even for people whose political persuasion leans toward the Windows operating system instead of the Mac OS.

Iive shifted most of my work to the Macintosh, in part because of my appreciation for the Mac systemis stability and ease of use, but in larger part because Iim sick of downloading Microsoft security patches and worrying every minute about viruses and worms and other threats aimed at Microsoftis Windows infrastructure. But when I need to work with Windows files, the iMacis G5 processor is strong enough to run a program called Virtual PC for Mac ($129 to $249, depending on the version), which tricks the Mac into thinking itis a Windows machine. A cruel trick, for sure, but it works in a pinch. That way I can have fun with the iMac, managing my digital music, photos, videos, and other creative applications, and work with Windows-based files and applications when unavoidable.

You can find the two page review at Fortuneis Web site.