Fourth Beta Release Of Keyboard Maestro

ClaireWare Software has released another public beta version of Keyboard Maestro, bringing it to version 3. Keyboard Maestro is an OS X hot key utility. According to ClaireWare Software:

I am pleased to announce the third Public Beta release of Keyboard Maestro, MacOS Xis premier hot key utility!

Keyboard Maestro allows you to define any number of hot keys that can be activated anywhere simply by pressing a user definable keystroke. While the final release of Keyboard Maestro will have many useful hot key types.

Keyboard Maestro also incorporates the wildly popular Classic MacOS application switching utility, Program Switcher. In fact, Keyboard Maestro is written by the author of Program Switcher. With the Program Switcher feature, you are able to launch, switch, hide, and quit applications with a simple keystroke. Keyboard Maestro brings to MacOS X what Classic Mac users have been enjoying since 1994 - the most refined application switching utility there is!

New features in Public Beta 4 over Public Beta 3:

  • Insert Text Hot Key - this hot key allows you to insert any UniCode string into any application, even in the Classic environment! Youive seen other hot key utilities with a "type text" utility, but theirs only type ASCII characters. Keyboard Maestro is the only hot key utility which can type Japanese, Chinese . . . anything that can be typed in UniCode!
  • Program Switcher Themes - Now you can customize the appearance of Program Switcher with four attractive themes!
  • Program Switcher Application Sorting - You can control in what order Program Switcher lists applications with configurable sort methods
  • Bug fixes and interface tweaks

You can find more information about the third public beta release of Keyboard Maestro at the ClaireWare Software Web site. The final version of Keyboard Maestro is priced at US$20.00.