Fractal Domains Upgraded to Universal

Fractal Domains 2.0 was upgraded to a Universal Application on Tuesday. An additional major feature added was that the application can take advantage of multiple processors/cores by creating a separate calculation thread for each processor present.

Fractal Domains is a shareware program that can generate color images of the Mandelbrot set and the associated Julia sets. It can also generate an unlimited variety of fractal types based on rational functions, including fractals based on Newtonis method and Halleyis method.

Additional features include editable color maps, options for generating dwell values, and orbit trap fractals. Images can be exported in PICT, PNG, TIFF, and JPEG formats. There is a gallery of images that showcase the capabilities of the software.

Fractal Domain is shareware. It is priced at US$20.00.

Fractal Domain Example (Snail Shell)