Fracture 1.4 Fractal Screensaver Moves to Leopard

Stick Software announced the immediate availability of Fracture 1.4 with Leopard, multiple core and multiple screen support.

If the user has multiple processors, it will use all of them to calculate its images as quickly as possible, making it a great way to show off that new eight-core Mac Pro. In addition, if the user has multiple monitors, it will display fractals on all of them, in any of several different multi-monitor modes. It is even user-controllable as it runs, allowing the user to generate and save fractal images that the user wants to keep.

Fracture 1.4 Screensaver

Fracture 1.4 is a Universal Application, requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later and is priced at US$10.00. The upgrade is recommended for all users.