Free Image Analyzer From Stone Table

Stone Table Software has released an update for ScanCalc, bringing it to version 1.7. ScanCalc is a scanned image resolution calculator designed to inform a user the required disk space for an uncompressed scanned image. The update has system improvements including faster launching and bug fixes. According to Stone Table Software:

Stone Table Software, the makers of Z-Write, announces the release of a new version of their freeware scanned image resolution calculator, ScanCalc, for Mac OS and Mac OS X.

Improvements to ScanCalc 1.7 include faster launching, a new hierarchal help system, revised documentation, and minor bug fixes. The new version is fully Mac OS X native (Carbon).

ScanCalc is a program that will tell you how much disk space an uncompressed scanned image will require at specific size, resolution, and color format (CMYK, RGB, grayscale, etc.). Itis useful for anyone who operates a scanner or for graphic designers who send transparencies to service bureaus for drum scanning.

You can find more information about the ScanCalc update at the Stone Table Software Web site. ScanCalc 1.7 is available as freeware.