Free OS X Native Desktop Calendar App Updated

Panda Systems has updated their handy desktop calendar utility, PandoCalendar, to version 5.7. PandoCalendar is Carbonized to run natively in Mac OS X, and allows users to place a fully customizable calendar on their desktop. PandoCalendar includes a "perpetual" style display and allows users to set notes and reminders for any given day. According to Panda Systems:

Panda Systems is pleased to announce the upgrade of PandoCalendar to version 5.7.

PandoCalendar is a useful Mac-only program places a fully functional calendar on your desktop. The look is completely customizable. You can change the calendar font and its size, and the calendaris background color; you can center the current week (so you are always able to look back and ahead a full month at a time), display the numerical number of the weeks of the year, display the calendar with European style weeks (Monday being the first day and Sunday being the last), assign notes to any day of the year by clicking on the day in the calendar, and set alarms to remind you of time sensitive events. You can also have PandoCalendar automatically plot the days you work. Great for people who donit have a Monday-Friday work schedule!

Version 5.7 - Reminders can now be snoozed for a user definable amount of time. Notes and appointments can now be exported to a text file or dBASE database. Notes or appointments can also be imported from a dBASE database. PandoCalendar now has Apple Script support for exporting/importing notes and appointments. PandoCalendar now speaks the text of reminders. Added support for recurring notes that are relative to the last day of month. The PandoCalendar application package now includes a Mach-O binary for better support on Mac OS X. Reminders now unblank the Mac OS X screen saver. Fixed a bug which would cause PandoCalendar to not write the reminder time for recurring notes when printing. Fixed a bug where PandoCalendar wouldnit always use the right font when printing. Changed PandoCalendar to use the classic Print Manager API on Mac OS 9. Worked around a bug in CarbonLib 1.3.1 that would cause the reminder windows to have a standard document window frame. PandoCalendar now requires CarbonLib 1.3.1.

PandoCalendar is free. You can find more information at the Panda Systems Web site.