Free REALbasic Plug-In From August Software

August Software is now shipping a REALbasic plug-in, ODBC.NET. ODBC.NET is a cross-platform plug-in designed to work with ODBC Router for accessing SQL data sources within Windows Servers via ODBC control panels. According to August Software:

August Software today delivered ODBC.NET, a free ODBC plug-in for the popular REALbasic cross-platform development environment by REAL Software.

ODBC.NET works with August Softwareis ODBC Router to make all of the SQL data sources found in the ODBC control panel of a Windows Server available for use by REALbasic. Using ODBC.NET, REALbasic applications on MacOS, MacOS X and Windows may interact with Windows, UNIX and mainframe data without per-desktop ODBC control panels, drivers or database-revision-specific libraries.

You can find more information about the ODBC.NET release at the August Software Web site. ODBC.NET is available as freeware.