Free Stuff And Sales

If you are looking for a way to start off your week on a positive note, two sites are having special offers to help you along the way. Today is MacLottois weekly Mega-Ink Monday, where users can instantly win free ink jet printer cartridges. Also, the one stop shop for all things FireWire, the FireWire Depot, is holding a sale making it even easier for you to join the FireWire craze. According to those two sites:, iThe Free Mac Sweepstakesi, is continuing to improve the amazing giveaways. Every Monday is officially iMega-Ink Mondayi, and this week 1 in 25 players will instantly win free inkjet ink! Those are some odds! This giveaway is perfect for nearly every printer user... Always running out of ink at the wrong time. Enter to win an extra tank at every Monday! All a player needs to do is enter the regular game. Winners are notified instantly via web and email!

All players have the added bonus of possibly winning the Grand Prize of an iMac DV+ for successfully choosing all six numbers correctly in the daily game!

The FireWire Depot is holding another sale. Among the items on sale:

  • FireWire/USB Combo hub/repeater $99.00
  • 6 port hub/repeater $69.00
  • 6 port Silver mini hub/repeater $89.00
  • 3 port Silver mini hub/repeater $69.00
  • One port CardBus FireWire adapter $75.00
  • Two port CardBus adapter $85.00
  • One port CardBus (external, with "dongle") $65.00

You can find more information at the FireWire Depot and MacLotto web sites.