Fry's Electronics Demo-ing Jaguar Now

If you want to see Jaguar in action, and donit have access to an Apple Store, or are just too impatient to wait for Saturday, head to Fryis Electronics. The regional electronic superstore is demo-ing Jaguar now on its floor-model dual processor PowerMacs. This is simply because thatis the OS those units are shipping with, so any Mac retailer with stock of the new dual processor units should also be able to show you Jaguar. A Fryis employee told us that the company has had their demo units since late last week, and other retailers should also have stock of the new dual-processor units.

Note that the previous generation dual GHz models will still be running Mac OS X 10.1. If you are curious, and a store employee canit help you, check About This Mac in the Apple menu in Mac OS X. Underneath "Mac OS X," it will say version 10.2 if the machine is running Jaguar.

While not earth-shattering news in and of itself, it is handy for those wanting to test drive Jaguar sooner, rather than later.