Full Featured Software Digital Video Editing Tool Announced

Channel Storm has announced that they will demonstrate the first software based digital-video production solution at MACWORLD NY. LiveChannel, along with a DV equiped Mac and QuickTime, allows users to edit and product digital video content in real time. According to Channel Storm:

"LiveChannel provides all of the functionality of a television studio, but without the hassles of a production staff and expensive production costs." explains Borkow. LiveChannelis software solution incorporates the use of multiple live, recorded, and/or remote video sources in a variety of formats, while integrating them via user-friendly switching, audio mixing, 2D and 3D video effects, color correction, text title and compositing tools.

About the Technology:

LiveChannel is based on proprietary technologies developed by Channel Storm, which enables live video to be processed in real-time with a Digital Video (DV) equipped Mac and Quick Time software. These technologies enable the processing of a wide variety of video and audio sources and formats, including the industry standard DV format, allowing quality production value at an affordable price, with no additional video capture hardware required. Additionally, LiveChannel streams QuickTime video and audio in Real-Time Streaming Protocol. It enables live broadcasting, without requiring an additional server.

If you are at MACWORLD, you can visit the Channel Storm booth (#1713) for demonstrations and more information.