Fun With Macs: iTrip Destruction, Transparent Desktops

As TMO winds down for the long-Easter-weekend, we leave you with these two amusing stories.

First, Engadget dishes up the dirt on an amusing iTrip replacement story. If you own a defective iTrip FM transmitter and have pursued the usual support route, Griffin Technology will send you a replacement no questions asked (at their discretion) on one condition: that you send them a photo of you destroying the defective iTrip "in a creative manner."

One customer took this to heart and pitted his doomed iTrip against model rocket engines. The end result? Rocket engines 1, iTrip 0.

iTrip Destroyed

Next, it appears that French Mac site MacBidouille has stumbled upon a fun desktop picture fad: taking a photo of whatis behind your screen and setting it as your desktop, thereby giving your display a "transparent" appearance. Granted, itis probably been done before, but their gallery of reader submissions is fun to look at it and will surely prompt many others to try the technique themselves. Enjoy lining up those photos correctly!

Transparent Desktop