FutureBASIC Debug Tool Available From Staz Soft

Waverly Edwards has released a new app for Mac users, Statement Profiler. Statement Profiler is a utltity designed for debugging and tuning code within the FutureBASIC software development environment. According to Staz Software:

Waverly Edwards announces Statement Profiler, version 2.1.

The Statement Profiler is the ultimate debugging and performance tuning aid. Designed as a tool to identify which code has been executed, which has not, how many times your lines of code have been executed.

The Statement Profiler also lets you know where you crashed and allows you to trace how you arrived at your crash point. No more guesswork using crash reporter. Pinpoint your crash to the very line it occured.

Add one file to your project, turn on the debugger, compile or run and reap incredible rewards.

You can find more information about Statement Profiler at the Staz Software Web site. Statement Profiler is available as freeware.