FutureBASIC Full Release From STAZ

STAZ Software, Inc. has released a new version of FutureBASIC, bringing it to version 7. FutureBASIC is a development app designed for software developers using BASIC. The latest version of FutureBASIC features performance enhancements including Jaguar support. According to STAZ Software:

With Release 7, the fastest, most powerful Macintosh BASIC just got even better.

Release 7 ships with a new printed book called "Switching to FutureBASIC." It targets folks who already know how to program, but need to be brought up to speed on FutureBASICis specific syntax, Appearance Manager compliance, Carbon programming, or Mac OS X coding. In addition to a washtub full of detailed examples and illustrations, this book takes you through the building of a full-fledged database application.

Release 7 taps into huge libraries of code by allowing access to UNIX and to AppleScript routines. Up to 256 UNIX channels may be opened at once. AppleScripts can be created on the fly, saved for later use, or run from precompiled collections.

This version comes with its share of great new features and enhancements. The IDE has been fine-tuned to maintain the compatibility with Jaguar, the latest, and strangely furry system from Apple and the increase in speed for all string operations will make your toes curl. All it takes is a quick recompile of an existing application to immediately reap the benefits of this turbocharger.

You can find more information about the latest version of FutureBASIC at the STAZ Software, Inc. Web site. FutureBASIC 7 upgrades are available for US$99.00, while the full version is available for US$169.00.