GameRanger Adds Gridz To Their Lineup

GameRanger, the service for finding and playing games online, has added Gridz to their lineup. Gridz is an addictive multiplayer game in which gamers fight for control of a certain area. More challenging that violent, users are now about to find other users around the world for a head-to-head match. According to GameRanger:

Scott Kevill today announced the addition of a new game title to GameRanger, the Macintosh multiplayer online gaming service. In addition to the 64 previous titles, gamers can nowplay Gridz.

Your Objective: Take over Net Space. In Gridz, you lead an army of ToolBots: Workers, Strikers, and Hackers, and along the way, youill encounter vicious enemy ToolBots who are going to try to suck the life out of you! Look for special tokens which will let you build better ToolBots and climb to higher levels.

GameRanger, the Macintosh multiplayer online gaming service, was first introduced for public beta testing in July 1999. GameRanger now has over 45,000 members and support for over 60 popular game titles.

You can find more information about Gridz, and all the GameRanger titles, at the GameRanger Web site.