Game Bundle From HyperInfo

HyperInfo Canada, Inc. is now shipping HyperGames Centre 3.3. HyperGames Centre is a bundled app that ships with over 110 games and utilities including educational quizzers and calendars. According to HyperInfo Canada:

HyperInfo Canada Inc. has posted HyperGames Centre 3.3 for Apple Macintosh. HyperGames Centre is a multimedia application, jam-packed with more than 110 exciting games and useful utilities. Creative games include an acclaimed Pong clone, a Pac-Man clone, animations, music makers, mathematical puzzles, educational quizzes, clocks and calendars, a periodic table game, and much much more.

You can find more information about HyperGames Centre 3.3 at the HyperInfo Canada, Inc. Web site. HyperGames Centre is available for US$10.00.