Game Developer Magazine Features Omni Group, Building OS X Games (With Pic)

Observer Ralph Miranda pointed us to the latest issue of Game Developer Magazine with has a feature article about building games for Mac OS X. The article, written by The Omni Groupis Tim Wood covers the ins and outs of game design for Mac OS X. According to Mr. Miranda:

The recently released (June 2001, Vol. 8, Number 6) issue of GameDeveloper magazine features an article written by The Omni Groupis own Tim Wood.

Page 1 (under iFeaturesi): Porting Games to the Mac OS X

With the release of Appleis new Mach-based operating system, OS X, the Macintosh gains a new path to high-performance gaming. Tim Wood from The Omni Group, veteran of many OS X game ports, shows how to design your own new title to ensure compatibility with this operating system or port your existing game over to take advantage of the Macintoshis untapped market.

Woodis article goes on to discuss Appleis multiple OS X APIs along with example code (along with URL references at the end of the article) and he hints where it might be better to use one API over another or where more *NIX/Linux specific code might be better than using OS X specific code for portabilityis sake (or for mere simplicity). Wood always makes portability a major point in his article (as most Wintel developers are quick to overlook) and gives hints to developers for writing platform independent code that can easily be ported to any platform and keeping platform-specific code in seperate files for much easier portability.

The articleis a very good read for anyone interested in what goes on behind the scenes when games are ported to MacOS X (or anyone really interested in MacOS X gaming, period) and gives good points that most developers should take note of.

As with most print magazineis Web sites, you are only offered an outline of the piece, but must purchase the actual magazine to read the entire article. You can find more information at the Game Developer Magazine Web site.