Game Server App Creator Plans to Discontinue Development

Developer Martin van Spanje on Monday announced that he will likely discontinue development of his Game Server Configulator software for Mac OS X, due to the paltry donations and ad revenue he has seen since November 2003. His applications allow admis to run online multiplayer sessions for the Medal of Honor series, Call of Duty, and Star Wars: Jed Knight: Jedi Academy.

He wrote on his Web site: "Thousands of people downloaded the software and hosted thousands of games with it, letting thousands of gamers enjoy a good fragging. Unfortunately only a handful of people donated and in two an a half years I received a total of about $80 in donations for the Game Server Configulators. In addition to that, ad revenue was about $50."

He concluded: "There are two options: either some serious donations have to come in, or indeed another Mac OS X developer can contact me to pick up the project where I left off. Youill get all of the sources and the XCode project files. Of course, only serious parties that already have Mac OS X products ready can apply for this."