Gartner: Video is Apple's 'Killer App'

Gartner recently issued a research report in which the firm said that IT departments should issue Macs to graphics and media employees in their organizations, thanks to Appleis adoption of video as a "killer app." IT Enquirer explained that "Final Cut Pro has become a leading choice for video editing and compositing in the sub US$10,000 category."

While UNIX was the OS of choice for digital video in the 1990s, many professionals migrated to Mac OS X when it was released. "Appleis focus on the special needs of media professionals gives enterprises a substantial incentive to consider deploying the Mac in niches where it can deliver application-specific value," IT Enquirer said of the Gartner report.

The article concluded: "IT managers should take a new look at the Mac for these specialty applications, which, in general, require little interaction with large-scale enterprise systems that would raise connectivity or interoperability issues."

Gartneris report sells for $195.