GeForce2 MX Standard On All Mac Platforms

NIVIDIA Corporation has announced the extensive partnership with Apple on the heels of the introduction of the new iMac. NIVIDIAis GeForce2 MX is now standard across all Mac platforms. The 2D and 3D graphics engine will be the powerhouse behind the iMacis standard LCD flat screen and other graphics apps. According to NIVIDIA:

NVIDIA Corporation today announced that with Appleis introduction of the new iMac with GeForce2 MX, NVIDIA graphics are now standard across all Macintosh desktop platforms. The performance and quality of NVIDIAis graphics combined with Appleis revolutionary ergonomic iMac design provides consumers with an affordable, high-performance desktop for todayis exciting digital solutions.

Combining NVIDIAis award winning GeForce franchise with the new iMacs make for a uniquely powerful multimedia platform. The GeForce2 MX delivers razor-sharp, crystal-clear 2D graphics and 3D graphics in full 32-bit color and also offers advanced 3D performance by delivering over 25 million sustained triangles per second and 800 million texels per second.

You can find more information about GeForce2 MX at the NIVIDIA Web site.