Gearhead Publisher Tim O'Reilly On Rendezvous, iPod & P2P

In a recent article, Tim OiReilly takes a moment to discuss a number of issues and trends that will be points of interest at the upcoming OiReilly Emerging Technology Conference. OiReilly discusses a range of things, from file sharing and the digital hub right through to .NET and the Unix tradition of cooperation. OiReilly seems particularly interested in Appleis recent offerings, and has a lot of good things to say about the way our perceptions of multimedia have changed from playing and using othersi media to creating and sharing our own creations. From the article:

The next generation--which Steve Jobs talked about at Macworld--as integrated with Rendezvous into a kind of "digital hub", will go even further. But iTunes is still dealing with data that was provided by someone else, whereas iPhoto and iMovie are about the idea that people are going to be producing their own digital assets. The people who have said, "Oh, file sharing is bad. We have to stop this, because it would allow music to be pirated" fail to recognize that the same techniques will allow you to easily share your photos or other things that youive produced. Weire really at a bit of an impasse right now, because the music industry and the film industry want to restrict technologies that have substantial uses--uses that are very desirable to consumers for sharing their own information.

You can read the full article at If youire interested in the OiReilly Emerging Technology Conference, registration will commence this month.