GeeThree Shipping Slick Volumes 3 and 4 For iMovie

GeeThree has released two new apps for iMovie users, Slick Volume 3 and 4. The Slick Volumes are iMovie plug-ins designed for enhancing several functions of iMovie. Slick Vol. 3 is a transition package that ships with over 100 new transitions including ripples and page curls. The Slick Vol. 4 ships with support for advanced video techniques including video composting. According to GeeThree:

Just a quick note to let you know that we have just released Slick Transitions and Effects, Volume 3 and 4. Slick Volumes 3 and 4 are the latest additions to the Slick family of products, and bring some amazing new capabilities to iMovie.

Slick Volume 3 includes over 100 new transitions, effects and titles for Apple’s iMovie. This package of iMovie plug-ins includes state-of-the-art page curls (called Flaps and Flops), Aperture and Ripple families of transitions.

Other transitions include an OS-X screen saver-like transition, fade in-out to black, and the Soft Wipe series. In total there are over 70 new transitions.

Slick 3 effects include plug-ins to set the tint color, adjust RGB values, and add raindrops and dots of various sorts. A rotate/scale effect does exactly that - useful when video shot at 90° or the "squish" look is desired.

And the SoftPaint effect makes a video look like a painting in motion.

And finally - new titles. Slick 3 Titles are the first title enhancements for iMovie. These plug-ins support large text, longer duration, fancy effects, and lots more. In total there are over 30 title plug-ins.

Slick Volume 4 – Hollywood Collection includes a variety of powerful and versatile plug-ins that bring professional-level editing tools to iMovie.

Slick Matte-tastic overlays any image or video over another clip. This is perfect for adding a logo or frame to any video. Also, video-over-video is supported by adjusting the opacity of the overlay movie.

Slick VidMix is a video compositor plug-in. Blue screens have never been easier. Also, the "Cookie Cutter" (or "garbage matte" in video terminology) sets user-defined shapes for an overlay.

Picture-in-Picture and SplitScreen displays two videos running at the same time. There are setting to change the location and size of the inset clip.

SlickMotion is a stand-alone application that converts into pans and zoom clips. It is an amazingly simple, yet powerful tool, to convert high-resolution still images into DV-quality clips. Create the same type of pans seen in PBS documentaries.

You can find more information about The Slick Volumes at the GeeThree Web site. The Slick plug-ins are available for US$50.00 each or as a package for US90.00.