"Geek Culture" Strikes Back Against Apple With Satirical Cartoon

If youire a fan of Nitrozac and Snaggyis Joy of Tech comic, youid probably have noticed their cool Mac Genius polos, shirts and caps. Last week, they were the lucky recipients of the fabled Apple Cease and Desist Letter, that tool of legal destruction reserved only for the most audacious of copyright infringements. In a Geek Culture forums post, Snaggy provides this snip from the letter:

Your sale and advertising of unlicensed logowear could in turn result in an infringement of Apple?s established trade-mark and copyright rights in the name Mac and in the atom logo, as well as passing off. We must accordingly ask that you refrain from distributing and advertising any product which bears Mac and the atom logo unless it is genuine Apple logowear, i.e. bearing trade-marks and logos which have been reproduced under license from Apple.

Indeed. Not to be beaten down, Nitrozac and Snaggyis latest effort provides an entertaining ending to this cliffhanger episode, as well as making a quick jab at Appleis legal people. Itis an amusing read.

The shirts are still on sale - for now - and Nitrozac and Snaggy are currently in consultation with their lawyers.