Gefen Inc. Now Shipping ex-tend-it DVI Switchers

Gefen Inc., is now shipping two ex-tend-it DVI Switchers for people who need to use multiple computers with Appleis Flat Panel Displays. The ex-tend-it DVI Switchers enable the user to connect up to four different computers to either one or two DVI equipped displays. According to Gefen Inc.:

There are three specific ways to use the ex-tend-it DVI Switcher: first, users can switch between two computers using just one digital display. Second, users can switch between four computers using just one display. Third, users can switch between two computers using two displays, creating a dual screen, digital workstation using four DVI, two USB and two audio cables to connect the equipment.

Gefenis DVI Switchers are designed to ensure flawless transmission of all images on the high resolution displays throughout the switching. Once connected and powered, a select button on the Switcher accesses the appropriate computer (cross-platform in capability). Remote control units are also available. The 2x1 DVI Switcher handles two computers and one display. The 4x1 DVI Switcher handles four computers and one display or two computers and two displays.

You can find more information about the ex-tend-it DVI Switchers at the Gefen, Inc. Web site. The 2x1 DVI Switcher is available for US$499.00 (US) and the 4x1 DVI Switcher is available for US$799.00. (US)