Gefen Introduces New Dual Link DVI Products

Gefen announced the immediate availability of three new dual link DVI products for Appleis 30-inch display on Monday. The DVI DL switchers allow users to connect multiple computers to the same dual link DVI display, keyboard and mouse and include an IR remote for switching between computers. The 4x1 DVI DL Switcher supports up to four computers, and the 2x1 DVI DL Switcher supports up to two computers. The units are priced at US$899 and $649 respectively.

Gefenis 2x1 DVI DL Switcher

The 1:2 DVI DL Splitter sends a dual link DVI video signal from a single computer to two different displays. The splitter can also be grouped with additional splitters to distribute the video signal to even more displays. It is priced at $349.