Georgia County Holds First Meeting Ahead of Laptop Proposal Vote

Georgeis Cobb County is one step closer to outfitting students in its public schools with iBooks following the first of four planned community meetings that took place Wednesday night.

More than 250 parents, students, teachers, and taxpayers came out for the meeting, most offering words of support for the proposed $69.9 million program, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Three Cobb County school board members and Apple representatives were also on hand.

The biggest point of contention among those less enthused with the laptop program centers around the $50 parents would need to pay in insurance annually for the systems, although participating in the laptop program would be optional. Others questioned whether the laptops would improve academics.

Along with outfitting students and teachers with iBooks, the proposal also calls for Apple to provide the district with 100 servers and an around-the-clock help desk.

After the initial four-year plan expires, officials expect it will cost the district $20 million annually to maintain the program with Apple.

The school board will vote on the matter March 9.