German Company Makes Stand-Alone Terminal Stations From iMacs (With Pic)

Termimac, a German company specializing in making kiosk-like stand-alone computer terminal stations, uses iMacs for their systems. To make their terminals more reliable and resistent to accidental user damage or theft, the company has also developed a thin-film USB keyboard for use on their terminals.

The terminal itself is designed in a long "crystal" tube, with a small keyboard shelf holding the thin film keyboard and trackball, while the stand is designed to hide all of the systemis wires.

We have our crack team of German translators perusing the Web site for bits of information about the Termimac product, and have come up with a few tidbits:

  • The base system is an iMacDV G3/400, 128MB of RAM, 10GB Drive, DVD drive
  • That desk has an inside that you can paint.
  • The outside is made of acrylic
  • And on top, there is a steel disk to put the computer on.
  • The outside is removable (perhaps the outside is made of panels)

If you have more ability to translate German than we do, which is likely, please add to the comments below some of the details of the Termimac system. You can find more information, in German of course, at the Termimac Web site.