Get A Flame Thrower, Really!

Solutions Etcetera has announced version 1.1b7 of Flamethrower, their SuperCard based CGI authoring environment for Web servers. The new version includes several new features and enhancements. According to IncWell DMG:

Highlights of the new version include "BlastShield" (Flamethroweris new multi-project targeting technology), new capabilities for increased thread management, and full support of the multipart/form-data encoding type for HTML forms.

"Flamethrower allows you to run several project-based Web applications simultaneously, but directing a clientis request to a specific process required some extra engineering work, until now. Our new multi-project targeting technology, BlastShield, makes the intelligent dispatch of CGI events at the server a simple drag-and-drop operation. Administrators no longer need to be vigilant watchdogs over the projects on their servers. This technology will make it very easy to set up and maintain Flamethrower sites serving dozens of completely different Web-based applications," said Christopher Watson, Flamethroweris Principal Architect.

Flamethrower is available for US$295.00. You can find more information at Solutions Etceterais site.