Get A Free Look At A New Illustrator Plug-in

Artlandia has announced that users can now try a free demo of their Adobe Illustrator plug-in, Arlandia SymmetryWorks. SymmetryWorks allows users to easily create complex patterns, and users are now able to try a demo version of the software for free. According to Artlandia:

Artlandia has announced today that Artlandia SymmetryWorks, the companyis Adobe Illustrator plug-in for interactive pattern design, now has a free demo version. The demo gives the user access to one symmetry type per session and otherwise is not limited. The active type is randomly chosen at start-up time.

SymmetryWorks features instant creation of designs in repeat, the fully interactive pattern control, a mouse-click conversion between seventeen symmetries, the ability to easily create patterns with interlocking or self-contained building blocks, resolution-free designs, and more. In the words of Vikki Dawson, a reviewer from The Internet EYE Magazine, "SymmetryWorks will save you tons of hours of work by creating fantastic patterns and designs in just seconds or minutes."

SymmetryWorks is available for US$124.95. You can find more information at the Artlandia Web site.