Get A Grip On Your URL's

Alco Blom has updated his bookmark organization application, URL Manager Pro, to version 2.7.1. The new version offeres improved support for Netscape 4.x, and allows users to store all of their bookmarks in one convenient place for use in any web browser. According to Mr. Blom:

URL Manager Pro 2.7.1 is a maintenance update. In particular, it improves support for Navigator 4.x and fixes iWrite to NILi errors that would trigger the EBBE extension to drop into MacsBug.

How many bookmarks do you have by now?

Since the early days of the Internet, users have been able to keep address lists and the like of people and places on the Net. Today, nearly all of todayis popular Internet software has some way of helping you remember keep track of your online affairs.

Web Browsers have bookmarks or hotlists, FTP clients have shortcuts, E-Mail programs have address books, Telnet applications have connection lists, Newsreaders remember which newsgroups you are subscribed to. What these programs do, they do very well. If you are comfortable using the facilities provided by each one, then please continue to use them.

URL Manager Pro solves many of the problems of keeping track of your Internet addresses. Iive designed URL Manager Pro from the ground up to make it easy for your to manage thousands of URLs. URL Manager Pro offers you an array of powerful features for collecting, manipulating, and using very large collections of URLs. Not just URLs of Web pages, but also the URLs of E-Mail addresses, newservers, FTP sites, Telnet hosts, and more.

Best of all, URL Manager Pro works in close conjunction with your Internet applications, allowing you to save URLs to and open URLs from URL Manager Pro from within these programs. URL Manager Pro works as a drop-in replacement for your Web Browseris bookmark function, your E-Mail programis address book, your Newsreaderis subscription list, your FTP programis host list, etc. With URL Manager Pro, you can easily create your own menus of bookmarks within your Internet applications, putting your URL Manager Pro bookmarks just a mouseclick away.

URL Manager Pro is available for US$25. You can find more information at the URL Manager Pro web site.