Get Crafty, Make Your Own iPod Case

As all iPod owners know, the iPodis gorgeous shiny finish gets fingerprinted and scratched in no time at all. You could plonk down the cash for a nice cover, or you could put your mark on it and craft yourself a cover of your own. With a couple of bucksi worth of vinyl, a craft knife and some double-sided tape, following Norbert Scullyis handy pattern has your scratch-proof iPod ready for action with about half an houris work. Thereis a detailed set of instructions and a to-scale pattern to save you the nuisance of measuring it up yourself.

The PDF says itis merely a design for a sleeve, not a fully-fledged case. If youire up to the challenge, though, try using press studs as a fastener (cheap at haberdashery stores), find a belt clip from a cellphone accessory store, and youive got almost everything you need for a more durable cover.

You can mail Norbert and let him know what you think. If youire more interested in a permanent solution, he recommends that you check out the inspiration for the sleeve - the PodPac.