Get Info Released From Gideon Software

Gideon Software, Inc. has released an update for Get Info, bringing it to version 0.9. Get Info is a file attribute editing app designed to simplify locating and modifying file information. The new version has performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to Gideon Software:

Get Info v0.9 has just been released.

New features Include:

  • Works great with SNAX
  • Services Support rewritten
  • Open Dialogs now show invisible files
  • Resource/Data Fork and Total Size shown
  • Folders/Packages now show contained item count
  • Folders/Packages sizes now calculated
  • Applications that are packages are treated as folders
  • Drag and Drop Type/Creator changing
  • Change file/folder name in Get Info

Finder Hot Key Support:Copy Paths of Selected to Clipboard

  • Group Selected in folder
  • Get Info on selection
  • Batch Get Info on selection

You can find more information about the Get Info update at the Gideon Software, Inc. Web site. Get Info 0.9 is available for US$10.00.