Get Your Matching Flower Power & Blue Dalmatian Poodles Here! (With Pics)

I originally posted this story at my personal Web site, but Bryan Chaffin requested that we share it with our Observers. Last week, Apple announced new flavored iMacs: Flower Power and Blue Dalmatian. The two of them are rather funny, and many of us have had fun with hippie and Blue Damnation jokes, but what about those of us who are searching for matching peripherals?

What if you want matching dogs? Say, poodles? I have the perfect solution for you. Introducing the Flower Power and Blue Dalmatian looking poodles.

The Flower Power poodle.

With matching legs, head decoration and body hair, this one is likely to sell like hot cakes with Flower Power iMac owners.

The Blue Dalmatian poodle

Please do not mistake these babies for a bunch of cotton candy. There is high risk of choking hazard or face scratching if you try to eat iem up.