Get Your Web Site Noticed

VSE has updated their Web site promotion utility, VSE Be Found, to version 2.5. VSE Be Found helps Web master optimize their sites for maximum search engine hits, and automates the process of search engine submission. According to VSE:

The popular web site promotion tool VSE Be Found is now available in version 2.5.

VSE Be Found is a web site promotion tool for Macs, including a search engine submitter, a ranking checker and a link popularity tool. It also analyzes web pages and optimizes them for a high search engine ranking.

The new version 2.5 now automatically analyzes the result pages of search engines to verify if a submission has been really accepted.

Unlike other applications, it doesnit rely on a simple i200 receivedi message of the search engine server but it analyzes the text on the result page and presents it immediately on the screen so that webmasters can double check the work of VSE Be Found.

VSE Be Found is the only web site promotion tool on Macintosh and Windows that offers that important feature. Only with VSE Be Found, webmasters can be sure that a website has been really submitted properly to the right search engine in the right category with the right description and the right keywords.

VSE Be Found is available for US$89.95, while a Lite version is available for US$19.95. You can find more information at the VSE Web site.