Getting Leopard and Windows to Play Nice Together

In a mixed computer environment in the enterprise, itis vital to have the PCs and Macs talking, sharing, printing and on common ground with directory services. Leopard is generally designed to do that, but getting the best experience can sometimes be a challenge, according to Ryan Fass at Computerworld on Wednesday. His four part article filled in the details.

Mr. Fass has a reputation for exploring technical Apple subjects in depth, providing needed background material and links for IT administrators, and liberally using screen shots to guide the users into technical details often overlooked by mainstream users. It this article, he achieved that once again.

Subject covered included:

  • Network settings, WINS, SMB
  • File sharing, AFP, more SMB
  • Sharing Printers
  • Operations when Leopard and Windows are on a Single Mac
  • NTFS, FAT32 considerations
  • Using Virtualization
  • Cloning
  • Security Considerations

Sometimes IT administrators claim that they canit support multiple OSes because they donit have the expertise. Mr. Faasi continuing series of article on Macintosh technologies in the enterprise goes a long way towards solving that problem.