Glenda Adams To Talk To AIMUG On Monday

AIMUG will be hosting an online chat session featuring Glenda Adams, President of Westlake Interactive. Glenda will be discussing past and current projects being developed by Westlake. The chat is open to members or guests, and will also feature trivia door prizes. According to AIMUG:

Apple Insider Macintosh User Group, an international online user group, is pleased to have Glenda Adams, President of Westlake Interactive chatting with our members and guests this month on Monday, June 10, 2002.

Using the World Without Borders Chat, AIMUG will host Glenda in the Apple Community Connection chat room. She will be chatting with AIMUG for approximately 50 minutes beginning at 6:00 PM Pacific. She will discuss with each of our guests her current and past projects along with background information on the company.

Westlake Interactive has ported many games to the Macintosh platform including Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Civilization III, Simis Hot Date, and Medal of Honor.

Members, news media and user groups are encouraged to invite guests of the general public to this chat as it is completely open.

Door prizes will be awarded to certain individuals by trivia questions and those include Apple Logo Hat and an Apple Logo Pen & Journal set.

You can find more information about the chat with Glenda Adams at the AIMUG Web site.