Global Mac Games Opens Doors, Gamers Everywhere Rejoice!

After spending some time away, the Global Mac Games web site is again open for business. Providing a place for gamers to chat, form clans, monitor progress, keep scores, and get the latest gaming news, Global Mac Games is a must for any serious Mac gamer. According to Global Mac Games:

One of the Macintoshis first and oldest Mac-only online gaming leagues, Global Mac Games, is reopening its site to the Macintosh community.

The Free Macintosh-Only Internet Gaming League is a collaborative project between Global Mac Games, Autolycus Corporation & Macs N PCs. Through this new partnership, Global Mac Games (GMG) plans on bringing the best competitive online gaming experience available on the Internet to the Macintosh gamer. Global Mac Games does not provide gaming servers to play on but rather a common place for gamers to meet up and converse, compete against each other, and report your games results to.

With Global Mac Games, Macintosh gamers can sign up for a free account which will then give them access to the league. Please keep in mind though that ONLY Macintosh gamers are able to access GMG, all other gamers will immediately be given a nice, short message and then be redirected to the Apple Store. Once logged into the site, the gamer will be able to talk in a Java chatroom, read and post to an online messageboard (Soapbox), view a list of current games on the Game Tracker, search the member directory, view the individual game standings (Ladders), join or create online teams (Clans), compete against other members in any of the supported games and read up on site and gaming news from around the web.

Global Mac Games currently supports 15 different Macintosh games (Age of Empires, Carmageddon 2, Civilization: Call To Power, Command & Conquer, FA-18 Korea, GMG Netris, Heroes of Might & Magic III, Madden NFL 2000, Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Quake 3 Arena, Railroad Tycoon II, Starcraft, Warcraft 2 and Unreal Tournament). Some of the prior mentioned games have their own built-in gaming servers to play on (ie.,, Westwood Online), but Global Mac Games gives them an alternative place to play on as well as give online gamers a common place to meet up at and play the server-impaired games.

You can register, and find more information, at the Global Mac Games web site.