Go To MACWORLD, Have A Chance To Win An iMac Aquarium

Everybody wants an iMac aquarium, and those attending next weekis MACWORLD NY Expo will have a chance to win one. RedLightRunner is teaming with VersionTracker to offer attendees a chance to win a Strawberry iMac Aquarium. According to RedLightRunner:

RedLightRunner.com, in cooperation with VersionTracker.com, will be giving away a brand new Strawberry iMacAquarium at this yearis MacWorld Expo 2001 in New York City. Attendees can enter to win at the VersionTracker.com booth #365 from July 18th - 21st. The winner will be notified immediately following the event.

Presenting the iMacAquarium!! An actual authentic iMac shell that has been re-designed as an Aquarium! These things are absolutely beautiful, and will definitely become the talk of your house or office!

  • Authentic Apple iMac Shell
  • Custom built high quality double walled 2.5 gallon Acrylic tank
  • Long lasting pump system
  • In-tank filtration system to keep your fish healthy and alive
  • Special Icicle rocks colored to match the tank
  • Special Lighting system
  • One unit of fish food starter
  • Fish net
  • Aquatic background
  • Tank thermometer
  • Acrylic cleaning pad

You can find more information about the iMac Aquarium at the RedLightRunner Web site.