Goldman Sachs: Vista End of Era, MS Dropped from Elite List

Goldman Sachs said that the release of Vista marks the end of an era and has dropped Microsoft from its Elite Conviction Buy List on Tuesday according to

"Microsoft stands at a major juncture in its life cycle," wrote Goldman analysts, including Sarah Friar, as they removed Microsoft from its Conviction Buy List.

Recent "negative management comments" made by Microsoft led Goldman Sachs to take the action.

Further elaboration was supplied by Ed Scannell of who wrote, "Despite the arrival of Windows Vista and Office 2007, Goldman Sachs sees the delivery of these products as the end of an era. The Wall Street investment firm believes that several trends including Software as a Service (SaaS), virtualization and the growing specter of open source will loosen the iron grip Microsoft has held on the desktop market for well over two decades, cutting deeply into the revenues of its two cash cows."

"Vista may be the last big operating system developed by the company," Goldman Sachs said.