Google Co-founder: No Mac Chrome an Embarassment

Mac user and Google co-founder Sergey Brin may be happy that his companyis Chrome Web browser is out and in the public spotlight, but he called the current lack of a Mac-compatible version "embarrassing," according to Valleywag.

In an interview with BoomTownis Kara Swisher, Mr. Brin asked if she would try out Google Chrome, to which she said "no," because there isnit a Mac version available. Mr. Brin replied ""I know, I know, itis embarrassing."

He added that he doesnit know exactly when a Mac version will be available. "Iim asking every day. I hope itill be a matter of months," he said.

Google introduced its Google Chrome Web browser on September 2. The browser is built on WebKit technologies, like Appleis Safari browser, and also technologies used in Mozillais Firefox. The company claims that its Web browser offers users a more streamlined experience geared towards people that spend an extensive amount of time online.

Google has said that Mac OS X and Linux versions of its browser are in the works, but has not committed to a release date.