Google Maps: Flexible Routes

Google Maps does a great job at showing you how to get where you want to go. Even better, if you just canit make up your mind and decide to change where you want to go, or even add new stops along the way, Google Maps will accommodate you. Itis drag and drop simple. Really.

Just point your trusty Web browser to the Google Maps Web site and enter your starting and final locations. Once Google Maps plots out a route for you, itis time to start modifying.

Google can help plan your driving route.

For example, if I want directions from the TMO Central Towers to the Flatiron Crossing Apple Store, but then later realize Iill be heading to the store from a User Group presentation, all I need to do is drag my route start point to the new location. Google Maps will automatically create a new route for me based on my new start point.

Click and drag your route to add new locations...

Modifying the rest of your route is just as easy. If I want to swing by the coffee shop on my way to the Apple Store, I just drag the purple route line to the coffee shop location. You can add as many additional route points as you like.

..and Google Maps automatically revises your route.

This is a great way to plot out all of your errands or appointments for the day without having to create multiple Google map routes. Itis also handy if you donit exactly like all of the route directions Google Maps comes up with, or if you just feel like adding a few extra stops along the way.

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