Google Unveils Maps Street View, Mapplets

Google showed off its latest additions to Google Maps on Tuesday: Street View and Mapplets. Street View offers 360 degree views at street level in several U.S. cities, and Mapplets allows developers to create mini applications that display on top of Google Maps.

Street View is available for New York City, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami and the San Francisco Bay Area. It is interactive and allows users to turn around, move up and down streets, and zoom in on street signs and other objects. Additional cities will be added soon.

Google Maps Street View

Mapplets can contain different types of information including crime statistics, weather data, housing listings, and more. Developers can also create Mapplets that perform functions like measuring distance. Several Mapplets are already available at the Google Web site.

Like most of Googleis offerings, Street View and Mapplets are available for free.