Got Macs In Enterprise? Developer Posts Enterprise Survey

Enterprise developer Ditig? Inc. is hosting a survey for those interested in its Enterprise products for Mac OS X. The company offers process and portfolio management software for the Enterprise market, and is trying to gauge interest in the Mac community for those products to come to the Mac platform. From Digit?:

Detailed Precise Project Planning
Organizations frequently face the challenge of managing multiple inter-dependent projects with limited skilled resources. Digit? provides comprehensive Cross-Project Enterprise-level task and resource scheduling capabilities that enable you to create complex project schedules. Within Digit? Enterprise, you can define detailed project plans by defining tasks, establishing task dependencies and assigning resources. Digit? creates an optimum project schedule by considering all task dependencies and resource constraints. You can also track project progress by tracking multiple baselines defined within the project.

Alignment of People, Processes and Projects
Digit? provides an enterprise project management platform where all stakeholders can participate. With its powerful process and data templates capability, organizations can fully set up all of their best practices, processes and standards as full industry/domain specific project templates. These templates become instantly available to a project manager who is starting a new project. Through its unique web-services based processes, a project sponsor can participate in critical processes such as requirements definition, change management, reviews and approvals, escalations, issues reporting, etc.

Measuring and Managing Performance of Portfolio
Through visibility, collaboration and a unique process framework, Digit? provides project managers, customer/project sponsors a constant feedback on the status of the overall project as well as each milestone or issue or deliverable. While an integrated Executive Dashboard provides a complete cross-organization, cross-project perspective to the senior management for a wide range of cost, resource, quality & schedule related metrics. Moreover, Digit? completely automates the task of generating all standard reports and metrics that are key to the successful execution of projects.

You can find the above information at Digit?is Web site, or click directly through to the survey. TMO strongly encourages you to take the survey if you are interested in the companyis products.