Got Myst?

Clan MacGaming has posted a look at the latest release in the best selling video game of all time, Myst. Myst III Exile promises to share the same engaging and complex puzzle structure as its predessoris, while also taking an already outstand graphics engine to a new level. According to Clan MacGaming:

The story of Myst III Exile is a continuation of the Myst books. The story takes place ten years after Riven, where Atrus and his wife Catherine escape the tragedies of Myst Island in order to live a peacefully exixtence in Tomahna, with their newborn daughter, Yeesha. But their life is quickly shattered when a mysterious new villian, played by Brad Dourif of Dune and One Who Flew Over the Cukoos Nest fame, arrives to exact vengeance on Atrus at his most vulnerable moment. Heis a bitter man whose home world was ruined by Sirrus and Achenar (Atrusi malicous sons). Players must explore five new ages while uncovering the mystery of Atrusi new adversary.

You can find more information, including some breathtaking screen shots, at the Clan MacGaming web site.