Got Storage? PowerBook Source Helps Portable Users Find Some

One of the major problems portable users encounter is the lack of hard drive space. A problem easily solved in a tower with the addition of a second drive, portable users are forced to replace their one and only drive. The PowerBook Source has launched a section especially dedicated to users in just such a position. If you are a portable user and looking for a new drive, the PowerBook Source should help. According to the PowerBook Source:

Welcome to the PowerBook Sourceis PowerBook Hard Drive Pricing Guide! We now have 25 vendors and over 450 hard drives in our database, and we expect to grow as we reach out to more "PC-only-oriented" distributors. For now, prices will be updated once every two weeks, and all output is automatically sorted by price only.

Note that all information has been culled from vendorsi websites, and is only as accurate as the data on the vendorsi web pages. The information in this Pricing Guide is provided as is, without any warranty, in the spirit of helping Apple laptop users find price-competitive vendors of drives that are potentially compatible with PowerBooks and iBooks. In particular, we caution users to take the extra step and re-verify with the vendor whether a particular drive will be compatible with a given laptop and whether it will require extra/new mounting brackets.

You can find more information at the PowerBook Source Web site.