Got Virus? VirusBarrier Promises A New Cure

Intego had announced VirusBarrier 1.0, a new antivirus solution for Mac. This new product is the companion to NetBarrier, the personal firewall for Macintosh. According to Intego:

While the Internet is the leading source of information today, it is also the main source of computer viruses. With the sharp increase in the use of the Internet and other computer networks, Macintosh users receive more files from unknown sources than ever before. VirusBarrier is the perfect solution for Macintosh protection: it identifies, eradicates, and, above all, stops viruses dead in their tracks.

Integois new antivirus program contains many innovations:

  • A user-friendly interface Intego has focused on making VirusBarrier easy to use, and you can scan your Macintosh, or any disk or volume, with just one click. Another unique feature is verbal status messages.
  • Constant monitoring of all of your Macis access points (Internet, CD-Roms, e-mail, networks...). The number of viruses is increasing every day, and many different types of viruses can attack your computer (polymorphic viruses, Trojan horses, worms, macro viruses, etc.). Users need a high level of protection so they can safely download files from the Internet, receive e-mails and share documents across networks.
  • Automatic update of virus definitions via the Internet Integois NetUpdate technology, included in VirusBarrier, allows users to automatically update the program over the Internet. This key function is essential for an antivirus program and allows users to have the latest protection. The program can be set to check for new versions monthly, weekly and even daily.
  • Extremely fast file analysis VirusBarrier was fully written in native PowerPC code. This optimizes file analysis speed so that VirusBarrier does not slow down your computer.
  • No false alarms Intego has designed VirusBarrier to be non-intrusive. The program will not set off annoying alerts that have nothing to do with real virus infection. VirusBarrier is more reliable, since it does not worry you with useless alerts and questions.

VirusBarrier is the first antivirus for the Mac that can analyze and disinfect open files, or files currently in use, providing an additional level of protection.

VirusBarrier is available for US$69.95. You can find more information at the Intego web site.