Graphics Morphing App Updated

Andy Pritchard has updated the graphics animation/morphing application, Etchelon Tracer, to version 3.7.1. Etchelon Tracer allows users to easily create animated GIFs or QuickTIme movies by providing powerful, yet simple, bitmap and vector manipulation tools. According to Mr. Pritchard:

The aim of Etchelon Tracer is to be a simple-to-use, animation and morphing tool. Tools are located in a palette towards the bottom of the screen. Navigation between key frames is on the right. Status information is on the very bottom bar. Shapes can be moved, re-sized, rotated, grouped and ungrouped. Shapes can inherit bitmap data from the Trace Image. There is a zoom facility, onion skinning and colour control. Any shape can be morphed to any other shape. You can have many shapes per frame. (Indeed to have a realistic morph, youill need lots of shapes!). There is "click-and-drag" morphing, frame copying and animation sequencing.

New Features in Etchelon Tracer Version 3.7.1 September 2000:

  • Etchelon Tracer now provides a cheap but exciting multimedia business presentation tool
  • new sequence command @v - delays sequence until mouse clicked.
  • "Click mouse to continue" message appears in message bar
  • Tutorial in FAQ on website on how to develop presentations with animated transitions between slides.

New demo (demo 4) showing Etchelon Tracer ability to improve Presentations:

  • shows a morphing arrow (changing direction)
  • morphing bitmap graphics
  • demonstration of the @v command

Etchelon Tracer is available for US$15. You can find more information at Mr. Pritchardis web site.